Champion IDI will Appear in Guangzhou International Fishery Seafood Expo 2015
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    The latest news from the Organizing Committee :The famous fishery enterprise IDI from Vietnam will bring the delicious basa and fish oil to the Guangzhou International Fishery & Seafood Expo,longing for expanding market of China through the platform of China International (Guangzhou)Fishery &Seafood Expo 2015. IDI corporation booth number : C84-C85,C88-C89.



    International Development & Investment Corporahtion (IDI) is a part of a group of companies, which owns and operates fish filleting processing and fish residue processing plants. The affiliated Trisedco is specialized in fish meal and crude fish oil production. All processing facilities are located in the Vam Cong Indutrial Area, covering a total area of 89,882 sqm.

IDI's group of companies is well established in the fish processing industry in Vietnam and holds a strong track record identifying and developing new value adding commercial activities and establishing innovative processing plants within the fish processing and product value chain.
Held at China Import&Export(Canton Fair)Complex ,Guangzhou International Fishery Exposition 2015,which will be held on Aug.28-30,2015, is South China's most professional and international fisheries event, companies from Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other more than 10 countries and regions will exhibit their seafood at the same stage, you can't miss it.
         China International (Guangzhou)Fishery &Seafood Expo 2015.
                                        July 8,2015


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