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China International (Guangzhou) Fishery&Seafood Exposition 2020 will be held from September 24 to 26 in the exhibition hall of the China Import & Export (Canton Fair) Complex ·Guangzhou.YBS Aquaculture Technology (SHENZHEN) Ltd. will bring the high quality product to participate, looking forward to your visit.
Company profile
YBS Aquaculture Technology (SHENZHEN) Ltd., founded by an experienced and experienced industrial Aquaculture system team, is a one-stop scientific and technological service company focusing on the design of RAS Aquaculture system and the supply of a variety of integrated Aquaculture systems.The company has a sound aquaculture program system, and has made remarkable achievements in the RAS program, RAS for Breed and raw and fresh warehouse.From the design to the construction and after-sales support, we have a perfect system plan and an excellent and efficient construction team, and continue to provide after-sales technical support, to help customers in aquaculture to achieve risk control, fine operation, continue to generate revenue!
In the promotion and construction of the circulating aquaculture model, we always take advanced control technology and specialty as the core to build a five-star aquaculture system.
The core areas are: factory circulating aquiculture system, circulating water seedling and breeding system, living and fresh storage system, aquaculture tail water treatment
YBS Aquaculture Technology (SHENZHEN) Ltd. designed and developed specially for factory circulating water aquaculture set new set of automation and intelligent control technology in one model, reduce the threshold of factory circulating water aquaculture construction, so that more aquaculture enterprises and units can be a step faster, seize business opportunities!
YBS Aquaculture Technology (SHENZHEN) Ltd. provides a full range of aquaculture equipment, drum micro filter, sand cylinder, ultraviolet sterilizer, biological treatment system, oxygen device, aquaculture thermostat, fan, etc.Welcome to contact us.
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Source:YBS Aquaculture Technology (SHENZHEN) Ltd.
China International (Guangzhou) Fishery&Seafood Exposition 2020
Time:September 24 to 26
Add:China Import & Export (Canton Fair) Complex ·Guangzhou


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