8 highlights of Guangzhou International Frozen & Chilled Food Exhibition.
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  Highlight 1: Provide one-stop trading platform.
  China (Guangzhou) International Frozen & Chilled Food Exhibition held with 2016 Guangzhou International Cold Chain Exhibition,the 24th Guangzhou Exposition 2016, 2016 China International (Guangzhou) Fishery&Seafood Exposition,2016 Guangzhou Agricultural Products Exhibition at the same time,will share ten thousand of professional visitors. Distributors,agents,hotels,supermarkets and restaurants industry procurement business are highly concentrated, to provide one-stop shopping service.
  Highlight 2:Internet plus cold chain distribution.
  With the development of the Internet plus "the distribution of aquatic products, fresh fruit and vegetable attracts much industry attention.This exhibition will join the business tycoon, showing refrigeration, cold chain, fresh distribution and other related products and cold chain technology, to explore the new development trend of the cold chain industry, to provide for the protection of aquatic product sales and distribution sectors.
  Highlight 3:Large scale events in the same period.
  The exhibition will be held with forum of frozen food, aquatic products cold chain logistics seminar,international forum of fruit and vegetable, supply chain management and enterprise innovation forum activities in the same period.The exhibitors from frozen food,cold chain logistics,fresh E-commence, the industry authority, can discuss the latest market dynamics and technology development face to face.
  Highlight 4:Strong professional buyer groups.
  By then, many aquatic dealers, distributors, agents, importers, retailers,traders, governments, industry associations and aquatic product markets, group companies, airline, railway, seafood franchisees, Wal Mart, Carrefour, trust mart, Metro, Tesco, Lotus, Sam, Oubeide, vanguard, Ole, rainbow, 7-11, Homedepot, Lowe's/Costcosears and aquatic specialty stores, as well as commercial institutions and the famous star hotels, hotels, senior restaurants, western restaurants, seafood city, restaurants, food stores, clubs, will come to visit the show.
  Highlight 5:Rich exhibiting products.
  Aquatic products: A variety of frozen aquatic food/frozen aquatic products,deep processing products, dry cargo;
  Meat products:Frozen / chilled meat,cut meat, prepared food;
  Poultry food:A variety of frozen / chilled poultry, cut and prepared poultry;
  Fruit and vegetable:Variety of frozen&chilled fruit and vegetable,prepackaged vegetable and prepared vegetable;
  Frozen pastry: A lot of frozen Boiled dumpling, Spring rolls, Glutinous Rice Balls hemp ball, cakes, etc.;
  Condiment:Wine, food ingredient;
  Supply chain enterprises:Food supply chain enterprises,E-commerce suppliers, cold chain logistics service providers;
  Cold chain and distribution services:Cold chain logistics services,cold chain information & testing services, cold chain packaging solutions, etc.;
  E-commerce:Platform E-commerce,fruit and vegetable E-commerce,meat products E-commerce, aquatic products E-commerce.
  Highlight 6: Invite professional buyers.
  For your target user industries, organizer will make special invitation to potential buyers.Many invited buyers on site reach cooperation intention with exhibitors to improve the efficiency and save the time and travel cost.
  Highlight 7: Strong exhibition support platform.
  2016 China (Guangzhou) International Frozen&Chilled Food Exhibition has gotten  responses from Guangdong aquatic products processing and Marketing Association, Shenzhen frozen food industry association, Thai frozen food association, Guangzhou Panyu frozen food industry association, Jiangmen City frozen food industry association, Guanghong Foods Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Swire Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd., South Korea and China Enterprise Alliance General Federation, Tianye new supply and marketing of Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. of Guangdong, Tianye Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. and other international authorities, industry associations and enterprises, the level of internationalization of the exhibition
  Highlight 8: Superior geographical location.
  Guangzhou is located in  center of the Pearl River Delta.Guangzhou with unlimited business opportunities is connected the mainland hub and bridge of overseas . Guangdong province is the major province in the production and consumption of frozen  food in China.And Guangzhou  is the resident population of ultra million at the domestic first line city.It is commercial and entertainment career developed, and owns many brand hotels and caterings.All kinds of aquatic product brands,brand meat,fruit and vegetable  brands from domestic and abroad can share Guangzhou markets. Therefore, the markets of Guangzhou frozen food ingredient has been popular by domestic and
  overseas exhibitors and buyers.

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