The 2ND China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Exhibition Carried out a Glob
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The 2ND China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment And Fresh Logistics Exhibition Will be held from August 26th to 28th at China Import&Export (Canton Fair)Complex. At the same time, China International (Guangzhou) Fishery&Seafood Expo 2016 will be held, as well as China International (Guangzhou)Agriculture Products Exhibition 2016. Through the industrial chain upstream and downstream, CICCE2016 can provide better choices, and provide one-stop trading platform for buyers. 

Integrate of all resources; carry out a full-scale global promotional work
The exhibition takes full advantage of the Internet and emerging media such as WeChat to propaganda, and interacts with industry media at home and abroad, as well as many mainstream media in south China. In order to make the promotion get the maximum value, the exhibition matches the global promotion work, and integrates all aspects of the advantage and advertising resources. In addition, the organizing committee went to India, Sanya, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other cities to promote, and actively participate in the professional conferences and high-end meeting to follow the latest business information and development trend, sincerely invite frozen, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration, refrigerated transport equipment technology, cooling materials and spare parts, logistics equipment, cold-chain distribution services, fresh electricity suppliers and related industrial (commercial) association to participate in the exhibition.


Footprint all over the world, visit places at home and abroad for investment promotion 
In order to provide high-quality exhibition services for the exhibitors and provide seamless docking platform for the enterprise and the professional buyers from all over the world. So far, the committee members have went to Germany, Vietnam, Spain, South Korea, Boston, Belgium, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, as well as many exhibitions of fresh food materials, refrigerated food, agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products. We have visited domestic logistics park, logistics distribution center, frozen food market, food factory to widely invite fresh food production and processing enterprises at home and abroad, fresh food electricity enterprises, wholesale market, catering and big commercial chain supermarkets, hotels, warehouse agents, supply chain solution suppliers and related manufacturing industry and other professional buyers to participate in Guangzhou International Cold Chain Exhibition.


The 2ND Guangzhou International Cold Chain Exhibition booth reservation is going on, welcome to join us! Participants can focus on or official WeChat (WeChat ID: lenglianzhan).

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