The 2nd International( Guangzhou ) Cold Chain Equipment and Fresh Logistic Exhib
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   On March 28, the organizing committee of Cold Chain Expo has gone to Wuhan to carry on the promotion,which they set up the booth at the scene in the Fourth Session of the Chinese Food and The 2nd Section Electricity Purchase Conference of the Chinese Restaurant Food to actively promote the exhibition for cold chain, fresh logistic related businesses and purchasers who are present and invite the owners to attend the exhibition.
   On site, the members of organizing committee fervidly receive visitors, positively visit cold chain related enterprises. Aim at the transportation of comprehensive cold chain fresh logistic enterprises and the requirements for the related matters of exhibition,they positively answer them and get the height of the customer recognition and praise with a very strong participation intention . Many enterprises actively consult exhibition information and discuss the market development trend with the organizing committee , which express confidence in cold chain development prospects.
    As the saying goes "Eating in Guangdong", the prosperity of guangdong catering industry, raw food market is very large. The supply chain of all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and aquatic products need "upstream procurement, cold chain packing, transportation, middle refrigerator storage and sorting, downstream cold-chain logistic" and a series of cold chain whole flow of work, so as to promote the quality of the popular restaurant.
    The 2nd International Cold Chain Equipment and Fresh Logistic Exhibition of Guangzhou on August 26-28 will be host in China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall, with food, meat, aquatic products, food and beverage, fruit and vegetable exhibition held at the same place and at the same time, to provide one-stop shopping services for industry, for fresh food.At the same time, the exhibition will be around all the way "area", "Internet +", cold chain logistics, supply chain of agricultural products and other hot topics in many high quality BBS meeting activities, grasp industry trends, and the cold chain exhibition will be a fresh, cold chain of the whole industry chain industry event.

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