The 2ND China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment Exhibition
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The 2ND China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment Exhibition: 
The Cold Chain Technological Innovation Meeting under the Agricultural Supply-side Reform 
    On January 27, 2016, the central document released, said it would use the development of new ideas to break the “three rural” new challenges, to promote agricultural supply-side structural reforms, to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development. According to the central document, the state also pledged to improve inter-regional agricultural products cold chain logistics system, to carry out the demonstration of cold chain standardization, to implement pre-cooling project of characteristic agricultural products.
    Needless to say, long before the national policy support, the sharp market had found the business opportunity in agricultural products. The 2nd China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment Exhibition is a trading platform for cold chain logistics service,refrigeration equipment, cold storage facility, cold chain handling equipment and fresh food transportation, which will transport blood for cold chain technology innovation. 
Five Advantages of CICCE 2016
1. To Build the Most Professional Cold Chain Exhibition in China
    Relied on Chinese large market and the important international trading city, Guangzhou, the 2nd China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment Exhibition is devoted to build the most professional cold chain exhibition, which is a trading platform for cold chain logistics service,refrigeration equipment, cold storage facility, cold chain handling equipment and fresh food transportation. To supply high-quality service for the exhibitors and visitors, CICCE 2016 will improve the service with the experience of CICCE 2015.  
2. Sharing Huge Resources of High Quality Purchasers 
    During the same period of the 2nd China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment and Technology Exhibition, the 24th Guangzhou Fair, China International (Guangzhou) Fishery& Seafood EXPO 2016 and Guangzhou (International) Famous Agricultural Products &Food Exposition 2016 will also be held, sharing 120,000 professional visitors and high-quality resources, to provide one-stop service for the huge buyers. 
3. Bringing Leading Companies together 
    The exhibition has won support from cold chain logistics company, fresh food electricity company, cold storage production company, key technology equipment and relevant equipment companies. Some companies have signed up for the exhibition, such as Jiuye Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Duoxie technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou Shuanghua Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., Gbagbo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., Gulun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., Frascold Refrigeration(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. . 
4. Professional Fresh E-commerce and Cold Chain Distribution Forum, Attracting High-level visitors
    As the "Internet +" develops, the cold chain distribution sector of agricultural products draws intention in the industry. The exhibition and the giant E-commerce company will join again to show the cold chain, cold storage chain, fresh cold chain distribution and other related products and technologies. Forums focused on “One Belt And One Road”,”Internet +”, cold chain logistics and agricultural products supply chain will be held at the same time. Industry experts discuss the new trend of cold chain in the forum, to improve the fresh cold chain distribution level, to find solutions for the cost problems, and to improve the industry profit margins. 
5. Invite Professional Buyers at Home and Abroad through Multiple Channels 
    The exhibition makes full use of new media such as Internet and We-chat for propaganda, interacting with foreign industry media and mainstream media in south China, widely inviting professional purchasers such as SF-Express, Swire Cold Chain Logistics Co. Ltd., Sinotrans&CSC Holding Co.,Ltd., Yurun Group, Xingqun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., Xianyi Supply Chain Co.,Ltd., Shuanghui Group, Synear Food, Xiaotian Cold Chain Logistics, Beidahuang Logistics, Guijiang Refrigeratory, Coca-Cola, Robust, Zhujiang Beer, Yihaodian, Liangliang Food and Holy Group. 
    At the same time, the organizing committee go to many places at home and abroad, like India, Beijing, Shanghai,Wuhan and Shenzhen, to promote for the exhibition, actively participating in the professional conferences and high-end forums to master the latese business information and development trend. 

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