Guangzhou International Outstanding Agricultural Goods Expo 2019
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Guangzhou International high-quality and well-known goods expo mainly display all kinds of outstanding agricultural products, prestiged food and agricultural technology in both Guangzhou and domestic other areas.

So far, over 40 cities,HK & Macao Regions and 12 overseas countries groups have attended . The expo is based on exhibition, integrating  exhibition and marketing, start agricultural investment and promotion, strengthern the marketing influence of the agricultural special products from northern mountainous areas, build up the development of northern mountainous areas agriculture and countryside economy, especially Hunan, Xingjiang Kashgar Sufu county, Xizang Bomi, Chongqing Wushan, Guangxi Baise Hubei Zigui,Guangdong Meizhou city, Taiwan,etc attend in large exhibition areas, which show their all sorts of high-quality and well-known agricultural goods.
Exhibition profiles:
1) High-quality and well-known goods areas: the outstanding agricultural products granted by international related departments.
2)Prestige food exhibition area: famous brand food , well-known traditional food, prestige food, well-known food,(including food flavoring,additive) and  new articles of famous food enterprises.
3)Suger and alcohal exhibition areas(special set): tea, candy,buscuit, paste, preserved fruit, beverages, spirit,beer,wine,etc.
4)Agricultural related functional departments; agricultural IT series enterprises, agricultural professional media, website, magazine, sicience brochures .animal & plant hospitals, large agricultural products logistics enterprises, agricultural trade-marketing compaies,etc.

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