27th Guangzhou Fair 2019
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People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex ( No.380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou)
August 23-25 2019
Base upon pearl delta / Face to home and abroad / Serve the whole China
The 27th GUANGZHOU FAIR will be held in China Import and Export Fair Complex during  August 23-25,2019, and the planned total exhibition area is150,000 square meters, there will be a comprehensive exhibition and several specialized exhibitions. This fair will base on the exhibition purpose of “Base upon pearl river delta, Face to home and abroad, Serve the whole China”, forging competitive products of Guangzhou exhibition industry with first class venue, excellent organization, top service and healthy image, aims at strengthening regional cooperation and focuses on increasing domestic demand, so as to construct a favorable platform for merchants' cooperation and communication, to create more business opportunities for joined merchants promoting trade talks and investments.
The governments, enterprises of science, industry, commerce and agriculture, and all ranges of business people both at home and abroad are warmly welcome to attend the GUANGZHOU FAIR. Through the platform of GUANGZHOU FAIR, more cooperation will be achieved and more benefits will be obtained!
Various activities on economy and trade will be held during The 27th GUANGZHOU FAIR. Commercial delegations, personage of various circles at home and abroad are welcome to join us in the Fair.
Cultural exchange
Governmental affairs research
Economy business negotiation
Domestic and abroad governments, trading organizations, enterprises and professionals will be invited to visit the event, thus there will be more business chances for the exhibitors.
Assistance will be provided to the exhibitors when holding press conference, seminar and business negotiations.
Assistance will be provided for the products transportation and declaration at the Customs.
One-stop service (including stand design, construction, forum and conference planning, decoration, and so on) provided.
Assistance will be provided for participant’s transportation, accommodations, returntickets reservation.

Contact To: Organizing Committee Office Of GUANGZHOU FAIR
Address: Rm.3308, Block E, PWTC, No.1022 Xingang East Road, Haizhu Dist.,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.
Post Code: 510308
Tel: +86-20-66319008 / 66317663
Fax: +86-20-66319008
All exhibitors must prepare legal business license (copies) during the fair, unlicensed exhibitor will be punished according to relevant regulations.
Pirated or unqualified products are prohibited from exhibiting, once discovered, liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law.
Exhibitors with food products must have permission from the Health Agency, and hang these licenses on the stand for safety check; meanwhile, cooking in the exhibition hall is strictly forbidden.
Exhibitors quitting during the exhibition period need to assume the responsibility of economic compensation, the amount of compensation will be checked and ratified by the Organizing Committee Office of GUANGZHOU FAIR.
The name of participating enterprise should be corresponded with the fascia board; exhibitors can not transfer their stands to other people without permission, other wise will be ejected from the fair.
Connecting electric wire or installing electrical equipments (including spotlight, advertising light) without permission are prohibited.
Heating appliance (including electric stove, electric iron, iodinetungsten lamp, etc.,) and hight power lightings are prohibited.
Exhibitors should clear own packing case, raffle, scraps of paper and spare exhibits in time; it is forbidden to keep those things inside stands or in the aisle offenders will be punished and ordered to clean it.
Exhibitors please clear up your stand and cut off the electricity before leaving exhibition hall.
Please observe discipline and abide by the law. In case of quarrel, fistfight, stealing and fire hazard, please report promptly to the Organizing Committee Office of GUANGZHOU FAIR and act in concert with security guards.
Any flyers with the GUANGZHOU FAIR’s logo shall be approved by the Organizing Committee Office of GUANGZHOU FAIR; without approval, printers will be investigated for legal responsibility and economic compensation.
Exhibitors should follow the organizer’s arrangement and exhibit in the appointed areas.
Exhibitors should strictly abide by the customs’ regulations, and take declaration and clearance work in time.

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