Guangzhou Fruits&Vegetables Exhibition 2019
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Date: August 23th-25th, 2019        Venue:China Import and Export Fair Complex
Corresponding Period Event:
The 27th Guangzhou Fair 
Guangzhou (International) Famous Agricultural Products and Food Exposition 2019
Hosted By: The People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality 
Organized By: Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co., Ltd  (BIG EXHIBITION)
General Office of People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality
Guangzhou Cooperation Office  
Information Office of the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangzhou branch
Guangzhou Municipal Development Reform Commission
Economic and Trade Commission of Guangzhou Municipality
Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangzhou Municipality
Bureau of Science and Technology of Guangzhou Municipality
Bureau of Agriculture of Guangzhou Municipality
Food and Drug Administration of Guangzhou Municipality
Guangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine
Guangzhou Customs District People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality
Fruit Industry Association of Guangdong Province
Vegetable Industry Association of Guangdong Province
Exhibition Introduction:
China International (Guangzhou) Fruits and Vegetables Exhibition 2019 (shorter form: Guangzhou Fruits and Vegetables Exhibition) is aimed to build a global industry of fruits and vegetables, including purchasing, trading, products displaying, technology forum, it’s an international and professional platform. And it’s to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign fruits and vegetables growing enterprises, processing enterprises, traders, and related processing equipment, to open up a vast international fruit and vegetable market.
Forum Conference:
Global Fruits& Vegetables Suppliers Conference 2019
China Fruits& Vegetables Online Suppliers Forum 2019
International Fruits& Vegetables New Products Introduction Conference 2019
International Fruits& Vegetables Processing Technology Seminar 2019
Exhibit Profile
Fruits and vegetables: fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh cut and convenient products, organic products, frozen fruits and vegetables, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, edible fungi, fruit and vegetable cans, fruit juices, fruit jams, dried fruits, preserved fruits, peanut, fruits and vegetables deep processing products, urban farms and so on.
Fruits and vegetables deep processing technology equipment: classification and separation, intelligent detection, delivery, cleanness, juice squeezing, pulping, shucking and denucleation, fragmentation, stewing, filtering separation, CIP clean, sterilization, inspissation and steam, drying and cooling, tank battery and pipeline, automatic control system; net vegetables processing production line, net vegetables/ vegetables processing facility, vegetables clean facility, central kitchen processing facility; fruits and vegetables juice production line, fruits and vegetables detection& analysis device; spray code machine, anti fake packaging technology equipment and so on.
Fresh delivery operation and technology: cold chain and delivery service, fresh online retailer, food fresh-keeping equipment, cold storage, refrigeration device, refrigeration transportation device and sections, cold chain storage and haulage equipment, refrigeration material and parts etc..
Fresh retail industry and technology: commercial information management system, fresh online retailer system, exhibition facility, commercial warehousing logistics equipment, food processing equipment, identification tag equipment, store decoration and display, fresh online retailer network introduction platform etc..
Fruits and vegetables planting and postharvest technology: vegetables seeds, fruit tree seeds and seedlings, cultivation technology, manures, soil ameliorant, greenhouse facilities, automatic control system, irrigation, prevention equipments of pest, fruits& vegetables harvesting equipments, fresh-keeping technology, packing materials/ packing boxes, packing facilities, storage devices, tracing technology and system, inspection and quarantine equipment and organization, moisture meter, soil testing, detection of pesticide residues, sugar measurement etc..
Others: fruits& vegetables customs service, consultation and certification, media and other information system, other planted products; fruits& vegetables trade association, scientific research institution, media etc..

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