Marketing Opportunity

1、proceeding advertisement

The details of all the exhibitors, is one of the important reference books,fisheries aquaculture industry professional purchasers for all exhibitors during the exhibition,VIP, provided by the purchaser, government departments and related professionals.

Layout Ad square(wide*high)mm fee(RMB)yuan
Back cover 140ⅹ210 20000
Cover 2 140ⅹ210 12000
Cover 3 140ⅹ210 12000
Title page 140ⅹ210 12000
Text 140ⅹ210 6000

 3、Invitation Card(visit quota) Ad fee

Invitation Card(visiting  quota) Size(mm) Price(yuan/RMB)
Visiting quota underside Ad 210MM*95 30,000yuan/side/50,000pcs
Invitation Card underside Ad 210MM*95 10,000yuan/side/10,000pcs
Invitation inside Ad 1\2 210MM*95 6,000yuan/side/10,000pcs

4、The fee of Visiting Card Ad

Visiting Card backside Ad Size(mm) Price(yuan/RMB)
Visiting Card backside Ad 95MM*135 30,000yuan/side/10,000pcs

5、The fee of Hand bag Ad

Hand bag size Price(yuan/RMB)
Hand Bag backside Ad 280MM*350MM 15,000yuan/side/pcs
Hand bag 2 sides Ad 80MM*3500MM 6,000yuan/2sides/pcs

6、Visiting guide Ad

Visiting Guide Ad Size(mm) Price(yuan/RMB)
Visiting Guide Ad 210MM*285MM 10,000yuan/P/30,000cpies

7、Other Ads (forums,banquets) support ,please contact:
Telephone :+86-20-66339113
Address:Rm.3308-3309,Block E, PWCT, No.1022,Xingang East Road, Haizhu Dist.,Guangzhou, China.


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