Exhibits Profile
Exhibition Profile

Food Preservation Equipment
 Fresh-keeping cabinet  Sorage bag  Preservation Equipment  Plastic wrap Fresh retail equipment  Preservative  Preserving technique  BXT-F

Cold Storage Facility
Refrigerator in food display  Portable refrigerator  Freezer accessories  Refrigeration equipment in the laboratory

Refrigerating Installation
Assemble type refrigeration house  Refrigerated storage  Freezing chamber  Cryogenic quick freezers   Refrigerating unit  Cold storage board  Cold storage door  Temperature control technology  Cold storage accessories  Refrigeratory  technology   

Refrigerate Transport Equipment and Accessories
Refrigerator car  Van body  Refitted  refrigerator car  Cold storage of locomotive Container refrigerated trucks  Thermos van Automotive refrigeration machine parts  Car refrigerator  Refrigerated transport box  Frozen box  Warm-box  Cool bag  Ice bag.

Cold Chain Storage and Handling Equipment
Refrigerated container  Cold storage shelves  Conveying equipment  Pallet   Forklift  Crane

Refrigeration Materials & Accessories
Cool storage material  Sealing material  Insulation materials  PCM  Preservation equipment accessories  Freezer accessories   Cold storage accessories

Cold Chain Information Systems
Cold chain monitoring management system   Food safety trace system GPS  Automatic identification equipment   Cold chain logistics and procurement system  RFID  Management software

Cold Chain Logistics Service
Cold chain transport  Cold chain logistics services Cold chain industry base


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