Exhibit profile
Refrigeration and Freezing Equipment: Commercial refrigerated and frozen display cabinets, Supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, Fresh automatic extraction cabinets, Quick-freezing equipment, etc.;
Refrigerated and Frozen Transportation Equipment Technology: Vehicle refrigeration unit, Medical refrigerator (Medical Grade), Refrigerated transport box, Incubator, Refrigerated bag, Ice bag, etc.;
Fresh-keeping/insulation equipment: Food preservation cabinet; Fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and meat preservation equipment, Fresh-keeping equipment, Vacuum freeze-drying preservation technology, etc.;
Cold Storage and Equipment Technology: All kinds of assembled cold storage, Modified atmosphere storage, Refrigerator, Freezer, Refrigerator board, Refrigerator door, Refrigeration facilities lighting technology;
Refrigeration Materials, Accessories and Logistics Equipment: Cold storage materials, Refrigerated containers, Cold storage shelves, Transportation equipment, Pallets, Electric forklifts, Cranes, etc.;
Cold Chain and Distribution Services: Cold chain packaging solutions, Logistics and transportation equipment, modified refrigerated trucks, Container refrigerated trucks, Insulated vehicles, etc.;
Fresh E-commerce: Warehousing e-commerce, Fruit and vegetable e-commerce, Meat products e-commerce, Aquatic products e-commerce, Integrated food e-commerce, Imported food e-commerce.


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