Basic Information
China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment and Fresh Logistics Exhibition 2019

Hosted by: The People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality
                     Guangdong Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance
                     Guangdong Refrigeration Industry Association

Organizer: Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Exhibition Description
The 5th China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment and Fresh Logistics Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex in August 23-25th, 2019. As the most professional exhibition in South China, the exhibition adheres to the purpose of “Professionalization, Internationalization and Marketization”, the exhibition is committed to build the international platform for cold chain industry to display products, trade and information exchange,gathering the global high-end products,display international advanced technology, promoting global brand enterprises, and strengthening cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises. We are the best platform for global cold chain enterprises, fresh food processing enterprises and traders to enter the Chinese market and expand their international market share.
Huge cold chain market
In order to promote the healthy development of the cold chain transportation logistic companies,and
elevate the service level of cold chain transportation logistic, our country are raised greatly to enhance 
the cold chain transportation with large-scale and intensive level, to strengthen cold chain logistics 
infrastructure,system of cold chain transportation logistic , to actively promote the cold chain transport
 logistics informatization construction,to develop joint distribution and other advanced distribution 
organizational model,to optimize urban distribution vehicle traffic management measures,to strengthen 
and improve the industry regulator,to increase taxation and other policy support and to play the role of 
trade associations etc.Development of cold chain industry will enter the accelerated phase when it is 
supported by the country polices. The huge cold chain market need equipment manufacturers, logistics 
providers,channel business and even goods manufacturers to work closely. It will generate new growth hot 
spots,if they can make sure the productions, customer channels, logistics providers and service 

coverage cooperate closely.
From the perspective of the development of the cold chain in 2017, there is a huge space for the development of the cold chain, and the support and attention of national policies also add impetus to the development of the cold chain. The total value of cold chain logistics in 2017 was 3.74 trillion yuan, and the demand for cold chain logistics was 104.88 million tons, and the growth rate of cold chain logistics was 18%. Experts predict that with the rapid development of China's economy and the increasing quality of consumer goods, the average annual growth rate of China's refrigerated vehicles will reach more than 28 percent, the average annual growth rate of refrigerated warehouses will be more than 30 percent, and other cold-chain supporting equipment and services will also grow rapidly in the next 10 years.
Previous review:
In 2018, China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment and Fresh Logistics Exhibition attracted leading enterprises such as Guangdong Dachang, Guangdong Haojie, Shanghai Zhaoxue, Guangzhou Bingquan, Guangzhou Xueyu, Guangzhou Kule, Fujian Saite, Guangzhou Qiankun and Guangzhou Wanwei. This year's Cold Chain Exhibition attracted 15,121 professional buyers, 44,879 general visitors, and international professional buyers from 90 countries and regions around the world. Moreover, the size of Catering Chain, Food and Agricultural Products Expo on the first floor was 85000 sqm with 1326 exhibitors and 132180 visitors.The total exhibition area of the Guangzhou Fair totals 150,000 square meters, and the number of visitors reached 210,000.
We proudly hosted some distinguished guests: Guangdong Marine and Fisheries Bureau Deputy Director Hong WeiDong,Guangzhou Cooperation Office Director Liao Yuxun, Guangzhou Cooperation Office Deputy Inspector Zhu Xingliang,Guangxi Marine and Fisheries Bureau Deputy Director Zhang Guochen ,Guangdong Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance President Lin Guopeng, Guangdong Refrigeration Industry Association Secretary Huang Bangyu, Guangdong Aquatic Products Association President Zhou hui, Guangdong Heshishuichan Co., LTD., Vice President Wang Dingwang, National Federation Aquatic Products Professional Committee President Wu Yuancao, Consulate General of Ecuador in Guangzhou Consul General Mr.Alvaro, and other Chinese and foreign guests.
Participating groups and units include the multiple Consulate Generals in Guangzhou, the Cold Chain Association, the Frozen Products Association, the Logistics Association, the Cold Storage Company, and the local Fisheries Bureaus, Agricultural Bureaus, Fishery Distribution Processing Associations, Fisheries Associations, Food Distribution Associations, E-commerce Associations, Food Associations, Five-star Hotel Associations and other business associations, professional audiences, social group leaders and Chinese and foreign guests.A number of high-level, high-profile Chinese aquatic products and cold chain logistics summit forums were held during the exhibition., the atmosphere was  warm and welcomed by the audience.
CICCE2019- 5 reasons to join and visit cold chain expo.
1、Not miss the B2B platform.
During the exhibition,the suppliers come from different fields,such as refrigeration equipment,refrigerated 
transport equipment,cold chain storage and handling equipment,food storage equipment,refrigeration 
materials and accessories,cold chain information systems,cold chain logistics services. The suppliers 
talk to the buyers face to face,the buyers which come from the global cold chain logistic,fresh online 
supplier,food, farm produce,repast and supermarket,which create infinite chance to transaction.
 2、An international and professional cold chain expo.
During the exhibition,the large professional buyers will attend the site to discuss the business,it will help 
the exhibitor expand their international and domestic markets.
3、Fishery Cold Chain Forum will be held over the same time,leading the the industry benchmark.
The Fishery Cold Chain Forum,Seminar, new product and technology promotion conference will be held 
at the same will play an important role in promoting the development by discussing the latest market 
development trends with the international and domestic experts and professionals face to face.
4、The Organizing Committee has a strong buyer database.
The organizing committee will send the invitation letters to the purchasers who come from more than 50 
countries by united government departments, business associations and professional institutions.Besides,
the organizing committee also will organize the professional purchasers to visit,purchase and negotiation.
5、Guangzhou is the capital of the world exhibition,it have the most advanced exhibition hall in the world.
Guangzhou is the capital of the world exhibition.The China Import & Export (Canton Fair) Complex covers 
a totalarea of 330,000 square meters,it is the most advanced exhibition hall in the world. Every year, it 
holds China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), Guangzhou Fair and other international exhibition ,
therefore, It has a strong international buyers resources and international reputation. It is the strong 
support to held the success of exhibition.

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